SIA Medzes Components, Liepaja, Latvia.

The company SIA Medzes Components, established 2002 in Liepaja, Latvia, has roots in Scandinavia for more than 13 years.

The business started in Denmark in 1996 and moved to Liepaja, Latvia in 2003, manufacturing metal components for:
- Furniture
- Kitchen industry.

Today the company has expanded the production to a large range of other metal parts for:
- Shop and storage industry
- Heat and electricity industry
- Construction industry.

In the last three years the production facilities has been enlarged from 2500 to 8000m².

The ownership are 51 % by the danish company Scan Production A/S and 49 % by the two danish brothers Thomas and Jesper Rasmussen, both living in Liepaja, Latvia.

Over the last 5 years the turnover has been growing strongly. The main markets are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, England and Germany.

Nearly all transport is made by our own trucks to give our customers the highest level of security for delivery in time as well as a high quality of the delivered goods.

Best regards – SIA Medzes Components.